The Hydrogeology Section provides specialized studies on the surface water and groundwater that is available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Of particular interest are the origin of the water and distribution of the aquifers, the physical and chemical properties of water, the movement of surface water and groundwater and the water reserves.  In addition to identifying and managing water resources we also study the causes of pollution, and solutions to address the problems and proposed the measures.
To contribute to the achievement of water security for the Kingdom, and act as a reliable reference in studies of water, providing advice to all segments of society.
We aim to provide specialized studies on water resources, including quality, quantity, management and development, and to propose the best ways to maintain water resources using scientific methods.
General objectives and tasks
1) Specialized studies on groundwater, including:
- Water resource inventory and classification
- Prospecting for groundwater sources
- Assessing the quantity and quality of groundwater
- Planning locations of water supply wells for drinking water and other uses, and
- Groundwater management.

2) Specialized studies on surface water, including:
- Determination of water basins and discharge characteristics and trends.
- Collecting and analyzing rainfall data and weather information.
- Assess the quantity and quality of surface water, and
- Surface water management.

3) Studies related to emergency water problems:
- Locations affected
- Determining the nature of the problem and its causes, and
- Developing the best solutions to the problem.

Services provided by the section:

• Studies to assess the water situation for various

The design and processing of maps, such as:
- Hydrogeological maps.
- Hydrochemical maps.
- Contour maps of groundwater levels.
- Contour maps for the distribution of chemical
  elements, and
- Contour maps of various climatic factors.
Study of water quality including:
- Collecting samples of groundwater and surface water using the latest methods and equipment.
- Interpreting the results of laboratory analyses of samples for the main chemical elements and secondary analyses for bacteria, trace elements, radioactive elements and environment isotopes, and
- Reporting on water quality according to Saudi Arabian and world standards and specifications.

Supervision of field projects:
- Specification of locations for drilling using studies of water and geophysics.
- Supervision of drilling.
- Supervision of pumping tests.
- Designs for the drilling of wells, and
- Consultations in the office and field.

Hydrogeological and hydrological studies include:
- Studies of water supply sites (farms, mines, factories, cities etc.).
- Studies of the dangers from flash floods.
- Participation in studies for determining the sites of dams, and
- Calculating available water and the water balance for various regions, including evaluating hydrological and hydrogeological studies (i.e. studying the results of pumping and calculating quantities for the safe production of wells, and also feasibility studies for wells).
 Sites studied for the supply of water. 
Current projects in the section:
 - Generating hydrogeological and hydrochemical maps for quadrangles of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a scale of 1:250,000.
- The study and assessment of the sources of water under the Harrats, and
- Community service projects (studies of the water situation in some areas) in addition to the Special Projects of Foreign Affairs (the location of wells).
• Determination of the hydrogeological characteristics of aquifers.
King Abdulaziz Airport Thematic maps.
• Determination of the hydrological characteristics for
 Hydrological characteristics map for wadi Baysh.
 Index map shows hydrogeological maps study plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 Hydrogeological map of the Aban Al Ahmar quadrangle.
Photos show the team work applied in site field testing to characterize ground water condition in the study area.