A vital mission of the Saudi Geological Survey is the study of environmental and gaohazards issues and the impact of urbanization and development on the Kingdom’s natural heritage.
Consequently, SGS conducts a number of special study projects in the gaohazards, environmental geology, and engineering geology subject areas.
The goals of such projects are to suggest solutions to outstanding problems to mitigate the risk of geologic hazards, and to provide consultation services in environmental engineering, and geohazards programs.
SGS also gathers catalogues and monitors relevant geologic data on water, soil, rocks and minerals and adds them to the national geosciences database maintained by SGS.
As environmental and gaohazards events can occur with little warning and may affect large populations. an important role of the SGS is to reach out to local communities and increase public  awareness of environmental and gaohazards issues following any such event.
Teams of SGS specialists stand ready to offer their expertise at short notice and assess the consequences.