​​The urban development and population expansion in the urban centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, made these areas more prone to all types of geological hazards that may result in loss of human lives and properties  damage. For these reasons, the SGS has set within its priorities the development of strategies and the conduction of technical studies, based on geological knowledge, which aims to prevent and mitigate the risks through the development of methods to reduce or avoid the effects of geological hazards.

The current technical program of SGS includes monitoring the periodical change of any geological hazard according to place ,time and respond to emergency cases, it also includes enlightenment of society on the extent of the damage incurred, and to report the necessary recommendations to the related authorities such as (The Civil Defense, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of Culture and Information) in order to discuss aspects of cooperation and how to deal with these hazards.