The activities of the National Center cover 3 main disciplines in the earth sciences, namely:

I. Earthquake seismology
II. Regional and exploration geophysics
III. Volcanology


Main functions of the National Center for Earthquakes and Volcanoes:

1) Seismology:

-  Maintenance, expansion, upgrading of the Saudi National Seismic Network (SNSN).
-  Operation of local seismograph networks in volcanic areas (harrats).
-  Operation of local seismograph networks in strategically important areas.
-  Operation of portable seismic stations to study natural or induced earthquake activity.
-  Continuous monitoring of earthquakes and man-made explosions within Saudi Arabia.
-  Processing and analysis of all recorded earthquakes within Saudi Arabia.
-  Research on earthquakes and earthquake risk within the Kingdom.
-  Preparation of seismic zonation and risk or hazard maps for the Kingdom.
-  Preparation of seismic micro-zonation maps for cities.
-  Maintenance of the earthquake catalogue for the Kingdom for research purposes.
-  Rapid announcement of earthquake details to governmental organizations and the media.
-  Participation in planning for emergencies arising from earthquake activity.
-  Education of the public regarding earthquake hazards.
-  Cooperation with international earthquake data centers for the exchange of data.


2) Volcanoes:

-  Monitoring volcanic activity within the Kingdom.
-  Geothermal measurements as an aid to predicting volcanic activity.
-  Volcanology and geothermal research.


3) Geophysics:

-  Geophysical research.
-  Geophysical surveys in cooperation with other sections of SGS.
-  Conduct geophysical surveys for government and other organizations and companies.
-  Establishment of a GPS network along the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea for plate movements.


4) Other activities:

-  Cooperation with Saudi universities and government organizations in seismology, geophysics and volcanism.
-  Consultation to government organizations and companies in the fields of earthquake seismology, earthquake risk, geophysics and volcanology. 
-  Training personnel in earthquake seismology, geophysics and volcanology.
-  Participation in conferences on earthquake seismology, geophysics and volcanology.