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The Saudi caves in tourism purposes


​​The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities is working in cooperation with the Saudi Geological Survey to benefit from the Saudi caves in tourism purposes by making these natural features attractive to local and international tourists. SGS will launch an enlightenment campaign to citizens to encourage visits to almost three hundred (300) caves located in various parts of the country.

Cave discovery methods start by locating areas of potential caves, study their internal parts, producing maps, and taking of litho logical and organic samples. Water contents in caves, will also be subjected to study and evaluation.

SGS is conducting various geologic studies for earth surface movements. This activity will also cover environmental, earthquakes, natural geohazards engineering survey, geophysics, and dunes.. Besides, there will be research activities on sabkha paleo climates and its relation to paleo climates, meteor falls, caves and sinkholes.

Experts believe that cave tourism will develop this industry and will become an additional source of national income.