What are the services and information provided through the Saudi Geological Survey portal and how can I use?
The portal provides a vast number of different Saudi Geological Survey E-Services over the Internet. Users can easily access the desired service through the portal. Moreover, user can acquire information concerning the documents/applications and procedures needed for completing services. The Saudi Geological Survey portal provides services using different approaches and alternatives of classification, to make it easier for users to access the desired services at minimum effort and time, this includes segmentation by service providers, personas and subjects.
What are the available channels offering E-services?
E-services are delivered through the following channels:
SGS E-Portal: www.sgs.org.sa
How can I send complaints about E-services?
Available complaints channels are:
-          By E-mail: webmaster@sgs.org.sa
-          By Contacting the following Phone line: 966126195000
What are the payment methods available for acquiring E-services through the Saudi Geological Survey portal?
A: User can pay using the following methods::
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Credit Cards (Visa and Master cards) – (under Construction)
  • Points of Sale
What are the accessibility standards that the Saudi Geological Survey portal conforms to?
The accessibility standards are summarized in the following:
  • Web browsers portal compatibility
  • Adopted standards
  • PDF files
  • Enabling Java – Flash