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Technical Support


In support of its many field-based technical projects, the Saudi Geological Survey maintains a wide range of support facilities at its headquarters in Jeddah and in its Riyadh offices.

It is through these facilities that SGS is able to amass, document, and organize the expanding body of earth science data available about Saudi Arabia.

SGS maintains important computer support, data-base, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and remote sensing projects. It manages a geology library in its Jeddah offices, and maintains teams of geophysicists who work  in support of exploration and environmental programs SGS also has a fishing arm, which assures that reports of its can be made available within SGS and in the wider community in edited and citable formats. SUP_0002.jpg

To assist and document its economic geology and scientific programs, SGS maintains a broad range of in-house laboratory facilities, including chemical analytical laboratories, petrology-mineralogy labs, industrial minerals applications labs, a water and environmental lab, and an engineering geology laboratory.

The services of these laboratories available to SGS staff as well as to the wider community.  Technical support for project work also includes a large inventory of field equipment and workers available to undertake drilling and trenching work, to setup, run, and breakdown field camps, and to provide the transport to move men and equipment, by land or air, to remote parts of the Kingdom.